How to choose dog food

Choosing the perfect dog food isn’t a difficult task, you only have to keep some things in mind when doing it. The most basic things you have to consider when choosing the perfect dog food are the physical characteristics of your dog, breed, age and activity. It makes a very important difference if your dog is a puppy, an adult or an older dog, because dogs, just like humans, require different kinds of food depending on their age and overall health. Young puppies will need food rich in calories and nutritional value, to help them grow strong and healthy. Older dogs on the other hand will need lighter food in order to keep their metabolism fast and make them obesity free. This, of course depends on a lot of the aforementioned factors.

Meat, Meat by-product and Meat flavored

After you get to know what kind of food your dog requires and desires, the next important step is to scout out all of the ingredients that go into these products. There are various catches you have to watch out for and know how to make a difference between labels such as: “Meat”, “Meat by-product” and “Meat flavored”, we will start with the first one. Products that have the word “meat” on the label are the ones that usually have the best quality food in them, because they contain the meatiest parts of the animal, such as the heart tissue, skeletal muscles and diaphragm. Products labeled “Meat by-product” are of far less quality, because they can include, lungs, blood, done and more. You have nothing to worry about though, as all of this by-product food is tested by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and strictly checked in order to prevent manufacturers from putting animal parts like hair, horns, teeth and other which would lower the food standard significantly. Last but not least, the “meat flavored” food is also a label you want to watch out for if you want to feed your dog a meat heavy diet, because often, meat flavored food doesn’t contain meat, only flavored and color.

When you know your way around the ingredients, and know your dog well enough to see what is good for him, the next thing you have to do is to choose the best brands, and by that we don’t mean the most expensive ones only, but the ones that offer the most bang for your buck and offer the most quality. It is very important to read up on and know about the company you are buying from, so you can have a mind free of worries and know that your dog will get only the best. Also, an extra thing to pay attention too is that on every package, no matter which brand you choose, there will be a couple of things that are left of the label, because the company isn’t obliged to list them. You can call the company and ask for them to tell you and explain in more detail everything about their product, as most of the manufacturers have their numbers printed on the label. Choose with great attention and take care of your dog, because he will certainly show you how much he appreciates it.