What are the best snacks for cats?

Having a pet means you need to know its needs and likes so you can provide the best care and make your pet the happiest it can be. With cats it is nothing different. In this article we will talk about both food that is made and manufactured specifically for cats and human food that you can give to your cat.

When it comes to processed and packaged foods, there are a lot of possibilities and choices to pick from, and you should take them all into consideration. Depending if you have a younger or older cat, there are foods varying in nutritional value, carbohydrates and fats. For younger cats, which are still in development and growing, it is recommended that they are fed food that is richer in calories in order to maintain and develop their muscles. For your older feline pets, the packaged goods which are recommended are leaner and less fatty, in order to prevent them from getting obese, which can damage their health. Cats also often have problems with their teeth and claws, so if you notice your that cat has similar issues, it would be wise to buy more proactive snacks, rich in enzymes, which will replenish and make their teeth and claws healthier and stronger.

Be careful with snacks – cats are not humans

We mentioned that there is some human food that you can give to your cat, but of course not all. Many people like to feed their pets with table scraps or leftover meals, but if you do that, you have to be careful what kind of food you give them, because cats have different nutritional needs from humans, and some foods can even be detrimental to their organism. There are food types that you can feed your cat with, such as asparagus, carrots or broccoli when it comes to vegetables. But don’t go overboard with veggies, as cats are still carnivores and need meat in order to function normally. When it comes to more protein stacked foods, fish is probably the ideal choice. Being carnivores, most cats love eating fish, so you really can’t go wrong with any choice. Another great option are eggs, a food that is rich in protein and very beneficial for cats. After all, in their primal form and in the wild, cats do usually seek nests and eggs are a snack they usually go for. The last thing we are going to mention, which you can try and give your pet cat, is cheese and dairy products. You have to be careful with this, because, contrary to popular belief, most cats upon maturing become lactose intolerant, so they don’t metabolism dairy products all that well, but it depends from cat to cat.

In conclusion, there is a vast choice when it comes to snacks for your feline pet, and it depends from cat to cat which snack it will like the most. Treat you cat well and it will purr its way back into your hands for more attention and company.